Minnesota Boy Killed in Pedestrian Accident

Minnesota Boy Killed in Pedestrian Accident

A Minnesota boy was killed in a car vs. pedestrian accident when walking along a road with his father on August 21.

Police say that the boy was just 11 years old and died from his injuries after he was hit by the car.

The female driver, 46, drifted across the road and hit the boy who was not on the roadway. Another woman stopped at the scene and tried to help. The boy was then flown to an area hospital and was declared to be in critical condition.

The investigation in the case is ongoing while the accident scene is reconstructed and toxicology reports are completed. The woman who hit the boy has not been identified to the media.

Pedestrian accidents occur more than many individuals think. When a person goes for a walk, they expect that they will return home without incident. Instead, pedestrians tend to fall victim to negligent motorists not paying attention when they are at intersections and pedestrians have the right of way.

In another case, a 42-year-old woman died after she was hit by a light rail train. The woman was wearing headphones while she was crossing the railroad tracks. She was pronounced dead at the scene, but the exact cause and manner of death is still pending. It is not yet known if the train had adequate time to stop once she was seen or if she could have been seen sooner by the engineer.

However, evidence is showing that it appears that the woman tried to cross the tracks despite multiple warning signs, stepping direction into the path of the Green Line Train that was headed eastbound.

An investigation will begin on the circumstances surrounding the accidents. This was the first train-related death that Green Line Train has had to deal with since they began operation in mid-June.

Residents are encouraged to exercise caution when near railroad tracks to avoid such accidents from occurring. This means not crossing through warnings, not wearing ear buds when crossing tracks, and simply being careful.

In the case of the young boy killed by the negligent driver, friends and family are raising funds to help the boy?s parents with funeral costs.

Whether or not the family is filing a lawsuit against the woman for the financial damages resulting from the accident has not been said. Under Minnesota law, the families of wrongful death victims have the ability to file liability claims separate from any criminal charges so that they can recover funeral costs, lost wages resulting from the incident, and any other relevant costs that caused a hardship on the family, such as the medical costs from the hospital stay before passing.

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