Why Choose Kauffman Law Firm?

Why Choose Kauffman Law Firm?

“Mr. Kauffman, after reading your kind and thorough letter, I was telling our neighbors about how you and your staff had gone above and beyond on this.  I told them I had found a law firm that had to be one of the best.  To my surprise, they said that they had a better law firm.  When I shared your firm’s name, they burst out in laughter, and said that they were also talking about your firm.”

Michael Duffy, Cynthia Duffy, and Colleen Duffy, Dodge Center, Minnesota


The mission of Kauffman Law Firm is to protect and enhance the lives of injured persons and their families—so you can get back on track.


We have obtained many of the largest jury verdicts and settlements in Southeast Minnesota.  Because of our success with traumatic brain injury cases and our involvement in the brain injury community, we are often referred to as the “brain injury lawyers”.  But we bring the same level of interest, commitment and passion to all of our cases.  We treat all our cases like million dollar cases.

Preparation and attention to detail

We prepare all our cases for trial. However, most cases are decided in pre-trial investigation and discovery.  We thoroughly investigate the facts and use the discovery process to dig deep into every case. However, if reasonable settlement negotiations fail, we are prepared to go to trial.

“Client First” Personal Service

At Kauffman Law Firm we bring passion and preparation to provide personal service beyond expectations.  We know that when people come to us, they are often under intense pressure:  physical pain, financial insecurity, and uncertainty about the future.  We have seen many tragedies, hardships, and difficult times.  We have helped guide many clients through literally life or death decisions.

Our professional and welcoming staff gets to know you and your case personally.  Our experienced and trusted legal team has been together for more than 10 years.  Personal injury is all we do.

At Kauffman Law Firm, we make important decisions based on the best interests of our client, not the law firm.


Although we are a relatively small firm, we use this to your advantage. Most of our cases come from referrals from satisfied clients and colleagues like you.  Many professionals—including lawyers—ask us for advice.  Many refer cases to us.  Our goal is to make sure you get the best legal advice and representation available.  We regularly work with other lawyers and personal injury firms—in and out of Minnesota—to effectively represent our clients.

Fair, honest and straightforward legal advice

We let you know what you can expect at the very first meeting.

We give you our best advice, counsel, and guidance to help you make the right decision.


You will receive regular communication and progress updates from our office.  Our clients don’t ask:  “What’s going on with my case?”  They know what’s going on with their case.


We work with a network of regional and national experts—experienced in trial work and recognized by the insurance companies and defense lawyers as experts in their field.  This close relationship insures that we get the best evaluation of your case—and experienced, effective testimony at trial.

National Coverage

Kreg Kauffman is licensed to practice in all courts in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.  We actively represent injured persons and their families throughout Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.  We handle cases ourselves—and associate with other lawyers—in many other states.  We can help you handle your case anywhere in the Midwest and nearly anywhere in the United States.

Certified Civil Trial Specialist

We are certified as Civil Trial Specialists by both the National Board of Civil Trial Advocacy and the Minnesota State Bar Association.  We were among the first lawyers in Minnesota to be board certified as Civil Trial Specialists.  We strive for the highest level of professional and ethical representation of our clients.  Read More:  Endorsements

Dealing with the insurance companies

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, you need to concentrate on one thing:  getting back on track.  We take care of the insurance companies and their paperwork—allowing you to take care of yourself and your family.


We provide Quiet Results.  When you are injured, you don’t want publicity.  You want fair compensation and the opportunity to get on with your life.  None of the details of your case are made public without your express written permission.

Contingent Fee

Like most personal injury firms, we work on a contingent fee.  Our fee is contingent on the total recovery in your case.  If you do not recover, there is no fee.  Normally, you pay us nothing until you receive your settlement.

At Kauffman Law Firm, we strive for the highest level of professional and ethical representation of our clients.  Our goal is to make sure you get the best legal advice and representation available.  Give us a call.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us first.
For a free consultation:

Email us at contactus@kauffmanlawfirm.com or

Call us at 507-285-5350 or 877-285-5350

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