Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries in Minnesota Comes with Awareness

Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries in Minnesota Comes with Awareness

A traumatic brain injury is a serious consequence of head trauma, usually caused in an accident. Nonetheless, preventing these injuries comes with a great deal of awareness. For instance, how they occur can help individuals be more careful in their actions. A car accident is a common cause of traumatic brain injury, as is pedestrian accidents, boating accidents, construction site accidents, and many others.

Sometimes individuals find that their traumatic brain injury is not immediately evident after an accident.

In one man?s case, he started having pockets of memory loss. He had everything in the world going for him. He had his family that consisted of his beautiful wife and three daughters. He had a singing career ahead of him and a Lakeville, Minnesota home that was just right for him and his family. He had a successful career with the Bengals for two years and with the Colts for four years before that.

He was forced to retire after his fifth major concussion and that was just his fifth diagnosed concussion.

While concussion and other head injuries that are sustained by athletes cannot be classified as personal injuries, although they are inflicted by others, they are serious injuries. They are similar to what those in automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, and even bicycling accidents sustain. First there is the concussion and then there is the progressive damage that occurs afterward.

In the case of those in auto, bike, and motorcycle accidents, those accidents may constitute liability lawsuits for the fact that they are caused by someone?s negligence. There is no game going on, no knowledge that the possibility of a brain injury could happen, and the only risk that is being assumed is being out in public. Sports players know that they may go into a game and come out of it on a stretcher.

In the case of the football player, his bright future changed in a single day. He then knew that there was something wrong with his brain when he asked a friend why he wasn?t invited to the friend?s wedding. The friend pulled out a photo and showed the former football player that he was, in fact, at the wedding. He was a groomsman and even sang.

Knowing the long-term prognosis of early memory loss, the man was told he should write a letter to his family, telling them he would always remember them. He wrote the letter while he was on a plane and he cried the entire time.

He then turned the letter into a song.

His father, a pastor at a Rochester church, said his son is living a normal life, but what lies ahead 30 years from now is a mystery. His son is dedicating his life to research on head injuries and what can be done about them in the future.

This is just a taste of what someone with a traumatic brain injury encounters. Some have injuries so bad that there is no gradual loss of memory or function; it is instant. That is why there needs to be more awareness about what causes some of the most common accidents that lead to traumatic brain injury. It can happen to anyone, so everyone can benefit from being aware.

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