Rochester Named in Automobile Accident Survey

Rochester Named in Automobile Accident Survey

Automobile accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in Rochester, MN and also one of the most common reasons why individuals file personal injury lawsuits against others.

When a person is negligent in an automobile accident, they can potentially be sued by the victim for property damage and medical expenses, despite the fact that Minnesota is a no-fault state.

In a new survey that was conducted regarding the safety of cities in the U.S., Rochester didn?t rank well in the area of automobile accidents.

The survey was conducted by Allstate Insurance Company and it ranked America?s 200 largest cities in terms of the frequency of automobile collisions in order for it to identify the safest drivers in the country.

Unfortunately, Rochester sits at the bottom of that list, coming in 144 out of 200. The study showed that the average Rochester driver will experience one car accident every eight years.

An Allstate spokesperson said that the survey should not discourage Rochester drivers; instead, they state that it should challenge drivers to be safer on the roads by implementing positive changes in their driving habits. Doing such things as not following too close to the vehicle ahead, abiding by the speed limit, not drinking and driving, and not driving distracted can make a considerable difference in whether or not an individual is involved in an accident. Distracted driving tends to be a common cause as individuals put on makeup while the drive, shave while they drive, adjust radio controls or program the GPS, eat while driving, or they text and drive. Drinking and driving is another leading cause of automobile accidents in Rochester.

The Allstate survey factors in population density and weather. Of course, with Minnesota receiving a lot of snow and ice in the winter, the weather contributes to the number of accidents that are seen in Rochester.

For the car accident injury victim, they may be able to hold the other driver accountable for their injuries or they can cite poor road maintenance as a cause of their accident. Mechanical defects in vehicles are also a common cause of automobile accidents. Faulty tires, injuries sustained because of a faulty seatbelt, and mechanical defects that cause the automobile to not perform as it should can result in very serious injuries or even death. It is the right of the victim or their family to hold all responsible parties accountable for the damages that they are dealt because of some kind of negligence that resulted in the accident.

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