State Tracking Concussions in High School Athletes

State Tracking Concussions in High School Athletes

The Minnesota Department of Health has begun tracking concussions in athletes in 42 high schools to determine how big the problem is in Minnesota.

Athletic trainers from Fairview?s Institute of Athletic Medicine report when the concussion occurred, when the student returned to class, and when the student returned to the sport.? The tracking system does not include students? names, but will monitor whether academic problems occur after the concussion.

After the first 7 weeks, the program was already tracking 373 students diagnosed with a concussion.? The Department of Health will evaluate the study at the end of the year to consider expanding the study.

Kauffman Law Firm is a member of and actively involved in the Rochester Area Brain Injury Community Committee, the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance, and the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa.

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